Joint Operations: Escalation

Joint Operations: Escalation 1.0

Escalation can be seen as an extension of war from the Typhoon Rising game
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Joint Operations: Escalation can be seen as an extension of war from the Typhoon Rising game where the uprising of the separatist were depicted. In escalation the uprising escalates into full-scale warfare, and the focus now is on heavier forces, such as tanks and attack helicopters. This is a multiplayer game which can be played with about 150 players online. The maps in the Escalation are not spread out as the one in Typhoon rising and are better designed with more emphasis on the land based maps. The graphics part of the program is better compared to its predecessor. The maps have some good landmarks, such as an airfield with transport planes and helicopters, or a rail yard with railcars, etc. The objects, such as planes and fuel tanks, will explode if you hit them hard enough. You can help yourself to reach any were you want by using the help of the new additions of weapons, vehicles, and you can dominate the battle field by good strategies and tactics. The new vehicles section includes some bikes to negotiate rough terrain with speed and steer combat tanks into the enemy camp. You may fall prey to the enemies easily as most weapons remain wickedly accurate over long distances. You have to make wise selection in loading you with the arms and other necessary items as it may affect your strategy. The body armor you choose will improve your chances of survival. You can go for this gaming software to have a feel of the chaotic Warfield and for the adventure involved in it.

R. Fernandez
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  • Multiplayer with about 150 players online, good graphics content, good selection of arms and ammunition


  • Some of the animations are not up to the mark
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